Fast and effective treatment of prostatitis: a list of drugs and techniques

Men are not used to seeing the doctor when they have a little problem. First, they hide the disease, then try to deal with it on their own, and when they can no longer bear it, they go to the hospital. You should not do this for prostatitis, because the disease will develop and lead to the development of an irreversible process. If you see a doctor in time, this is a very serious disease that can be cured quickly. How to treat prostatitis and which methods are most effective?

Normal and inflamed prostate

Types and causes of inflammation

What is the prostate? This is a very important organ for anyone, and it is called the second heart. The prostate plays an important role in sexual activity because it produces special secrets that affect sperm quality.

Anatomically speaking, the prostate is located below the bladder and surrounds the urethra. Its problems can affect normal urination. Therefore, how to get rid of prostatitis is a concern of many people.

Inflammation of the prostate is common in men between 20 and 50 years old. The higher the age, the greater the risk. Most types of diseases appear as mild symptoms, and they are more commonly attributed to general malaise and fatigue. At the same time, men’s prostate inflammation develops and causes more and more harm. In the most advanced cases, the formation of malignant tumors and infertility are possible. Therefore, it is important to know how to treat inflammation in the first stage.

In the early stages of disease development, treatment can be carried out at home, mainly for doctors to accurately determine the type of prostatitis and prescribe treatment plans.After patients recover, 50% of them have observed recurrence, so it is very important to follow the general rules and not forget the preventive measures.

The main types of male prostatitis:

  1. Sharp. It is rare, but it is developing rapidly. The patient was admitted to the hospital and all treatment measures were carried out in the hospital.
  2. Chronic bacteria. This disease occurs in approximately 30% of patients. His insidious thing is that the symptoms will disappear without any treatment. The patient cannot recover, the disease continues to spread, and may lead to the formation of stones, purulent foci and even tumors.
  3. Chronic prostatitis is also called chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Accompanied by long-term pelvic pain, the diagnosis was excluded.
  4. Asymptomatic prostatitis. Men don’t even suspect that they are sick until they donate urine for analysis during routine tests. For this type of inflammation, high levels of white blood cells and bacteria are observed in the urine.
  5. Chronic granuloma. It may be caused by medication or glandular irradiation. It was observed that the connective tissue replaced the glandular tissue and the prostate itself ceased to function.

There are many reasons why men suffer from prostate disease:

  • Violent sex life or lack of violent life;
  • Sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work;
  • Various sexually transmitted infections;
  • Frequent hypothermia;
  • Genitourinary system infection;
  • Glandular trauma;
  • bad habits;
  • Overweight;
  • Inappropriate diet and daily diet;
  • Constant pressure;
  • Chronic constipation;
  • Hormonal destruction.

How to cure prostatitis? Only eliminate the cause. In men with strong immunity, prostatitis is less common.

Prostatitis treatment

Absolutely all patients are interested in how to get rid of chronic prostatitis permanently and no longer remember it. In the early stages of the disease, conservative treatment of the prostate. If the size of the gland is greatly increased and cannot satisfy its function, surgery can be performed.

How to treat male prostatitis so that you don't have to go to a surgeon? Indeed, after the operation, the consequences may be more serious, and the recovery period itself will bring a lot of trouble. How to treat inflammation with conservative methods?

Treatment methods include medication, physical therapy, massage and special exercises to improve blood flow to the organs. The new method involves introducing stem cells into prostate tissue and using lasers. But many people are cautious about this treatment, because all new things are hard to trust. Due to the high price or lack of specialized treatment centers in the place of residence, this therapy is only available to a few men, which complicates everything.

Important!The doctor recommends using multiple methods at the same time. Therefore, for example, electrophoresis and massage can increase the permeability of glandular tissues and improve blood circulation, thereby contributing to faster recovery.

First aid treatment

Acute chronic inflammation of the prostate suddenly felt it, which surprised a man. What to do in this situation? What medicine can be used for prostatitis to relieve the condition?

Acute prostatitis has been permanently treated. The symptoms are obvious and you can't do it without the help of a doctor.


  1. Acute feeling full of bladder, unable to empty completely. When trying to urinate, the patient will feel severe pain.
  2. Most patients have fever, chills and general weakness.
  3. The pain extends to the perineum, lower abdomen, upper thigh and lower back.
  4. The head of the penis may be painful.

Only experts know how to treat the prostate with drugs without harming health, because each drug and its benefits have many contraindications.You should not prescribe your own medicine or use any medicine for a long time.Patients with chronic diseases should be extra careful.

Prostate drugs

How to treat the prostate and what medicine is needed? Medications include several types of drugs. Inflammation of the prostate is a serious disease and therefore requires complex treatments. Antibiotics are used to eliminate bacterial infections.

How to relieve prostate inflammation and pain at the same time? Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can help.

When non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are not enough and there is no improvement, the patient should prescribe hormone drugs to treat prostatitis.

also specifies Alpha blockers.These drugs cannot cure the prostate, but they can significantly improve the patient's condition. They relax the smooth muscles of the glands, making it easier to urinate.

Your doctor may also recommend antispasmodics to relieve pain. Many urologists also recommend the use of vitamin complexes.

Physical Therapy

In addition to the main treatment methods for the prostate, various physical therapy procedures are also prescribed. They improve blood circulation, lymphatic fluid and blood flow in problem areas, activate metabolic processes, and increase the permeability of cell membranes.

Magnetic therapy

This program is specified in parallel with the main processing. The healing properties of magnetic therapy:

  • Promote cell renewal;
  • Improve blood flow;
  • Eliminate puffiness;
  • Reduce the negative symptoms of the disease.

Magnetic therapy is required even for patients with advanced disease.

Laser treatment

External, acupuncture and intrarectal laser therapy are used to treat male prostatitis. When the external doctor acts on the perineum area for 1-2. 5 minutes. Acupuncture affects the biologically active points responsible for the prostate. When in the rectum, the laser is inserted through the rectum and acts on the glands. The therapy is designed for 10 to 12 courses.


There are two methods of using UHF to treat male prostatitis: horizontal and vertical. In most cases, the first type is prescribed, because electrodes located on different sides of the human body not only affect the prostate, but also the nearest organs.

After following these steps, please note:

  • Phagocytosis activity;
  • Reduce inflammation process;
  • cells responsible for connective tissue regeneration are activated;
  • Improved metabolism;
  • Increased tissue permeability.

Important!Malignant tumors do not use UHF because they start to grow faster. In addition, the procedure may cause burns or bleeding.

Physiotherapy for prostatitis


During this process, the patient is exposed to the affected area by electric pulses, and the frequency or direct current changes chaotically. After several exercises, the spastic muscles relax and urination improves. Low frequency has the least impact on the prostate. Each of these processes has its advantages and disadvantages. Don't forget the contraindications. Therefore, any physical therapy procedures should be performed after the examination and under the guidance of a doctor.

Prostate massage

How to treat male prostatitis through massage? It is recommended as an effective method to eliminate glandular congestion. Similarly, during the massage, the doctor can palpate the organs, their size and density. Massage helps:

  • Restore the patency of the catheter;
  • Improve the blood circulation and muscle tone of the prostate;
  • The medicine used penetrates the organ tissue faster and therefore starts to work faster.
  • Activate the body's defenses.

For every man, it is important to know how to treat prostatitis with this method. The first massage is best performed by a doctor. The patient must believe that he can relax as much as possible.

This will help you massage with maximum efficiency and minimum pain. When the patient is in the knee and elbow position, lie on his side, on his back, spread his legs or stand, and perform the operation. If the process is successful, at least a few drops of secrets should be lost. Prostatitis is stagnant, massage helps to deal with this disease quickly.

Traditional methods of treating prostatitis

Folk recipes are not quick-acting remedies. In order to speed up the process, it is recommended that they supplement the main treatment, rather than replace it. What is the daily help for prostatitis and what is the course of the disease?

It is recommended that men with this disease drink asparagus juice. If you take at least 500 mg a day, you will soon feel positive results.

Propolis is also famous, or it is an alcohol tincture or rectal suppository. You can buy it at a pharmacy or beekeeper. Use it twice a day for 21 days. Then you should take a break.

Five-leaf clover is also used as a diuretic. The shepherd's purse is also considered an excellent treatment against prostate inflammation. Crush the seeds (15 g), prepare a decoction of 0. 5 liters of water, and use the spoon 5-6 times a day.

Whether a man decides to solve the problem, you will need to be examined and consult a doctor before starting treatment with folk remedies. After all, even the most harmless recipes for prostatitis can be extremely harmful to health.

Prostatitis supplements

How to treat male prostatitis is not a new problem. Oriental medicine provides natural medicines and extracts to enhance sexual performance. Manufacturers in China, Thailand, and India guarantee that the nutrient content is sufficient to easily replace any pharmaceutical preparations. Among dietary supplements, you can find natural antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

But you should not take the risk, because no clinical trials have been conducted on these drugs. All the beneficial properties indicated in the manual are only confirmed by positive reviews in the advertising brochure.

Important!Dietary supplements are not drugs. It can only be used as an adjuvant with the main treatment.

It helps to supplement nutrients, vitamins and trace elements for the human body. Dietary supplements also activate metabolic processes.

Alternative treatment methods

Modern people can access things that many people didn't know before. Now you can exchange knowledge and secrets of different countries and use their practices for medical purposes.


How to use it to get rid of prostatitis? Ayurveda is another way to treat male diseases. It is based on the proper use of the gifts of nature (herbs and plants) and the implementation of special exercises to help find balance. The basis of using Ayurveda to treat male prostatitis is to determine the cause of the development of the disease. This is the only way to get rid of it faster.

Before starting the treatment of the glands according to all the regulations of Ayurveda, it has been determined that the male doshas (special energy of the body) are out of balance. In most cases, inflammation of the prostate is due to vascular imbalance. Special attention should be paid to the diet, to use herbs: gargles, atmagupta, barra and marshmallows. You also need to eat more garlic and onions.



This method is based on reducing stress and anxiety in men, which can cause muscle spasms in the pelvic area caused by prostatitis. This method has no contraindications and side effects. It can be combined with the main treatment method.

Meditation does not require any special skills or equipment. This method will quickly produce positive results, and if you take it as a preventive measure, you may forget prostatitis for a long time.


How to prevent prostatitis with fine needles? This method is called the placebo method, but it helps many people get rid of the disease, which means it has the right to survive. The master inserts a special needle into a biologically active location, which helps:

  • Improve oxygen metabolism in the prostate;
  • Improve the blood circulation of the pelvic organs;
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage;
  • Eliminate stagnant glands.

This treatment for male prostatitis produced results after 4-6 courses. There are many contraindications, so you should consult a specialist before starting treatment.

Sham therapy

How to treat male prostatitis with this not the most comfortable method? When biting a person, water ech releases a special substance-water rud into the man's body. It reduces blood clotting and reduces the risk of blood clotting. When the worm absorbs blood, the amount of circulating blood decreases, which helps reduce stagnation.

Water ches are suitable for special biologically active areas and help activate the body's defense capabilities. To complete this goal, approximately 10 lessons are required.

Rehabilitation after treatment of prostatitis

When prostatitis was defeated, a logical question appeared: How to prevent the disease from recurring? For a man, once it becomes easier, he completely forgets all the doctor's advice and continues to live as before.

The ideal place for rehabilitation is a specialized nursing home. Suggest multiple treatment methods:

  • Stadium;
  • Water aerobics;
  • Physical therapy exercises.

This will help train all important muscles and eliminate residual inflammatory lesions. You can also use paraffin therapy. Don't forget to use prescription drugs, you should rectify things during sex. It is recommended to take more fresh air and get enough rest to change eating habits.


Since prostatitis can be cured and it will never recur, you need to take this disease seriously. When symptoms first appear, you should consult a doctor, and all men after the age of forty should undergo routine examinations by a urologist. The treatment methods for each type of prostatitis may be different, so do not self-medicate and do not waste time on suspicious procedures and medications. Only a doctor who has undergone a thorough examination can prescribe an appropriate treatment plan for prostatitis.