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  • Йордан
    I don't like drinking Urotrin powder. I prefer to pour five grams of the composition into my mouth and rinse it off with warm water. I know this is not done as instructed, but there is no debris left on the glass wall. Is it helpful? how is it! I have seen all doctors and I have heard a lot of such enthusiasm-I don't want to live! Now you want and can!
  • Иванка
    The instructions for the use of urinary drugs were expected to have a slight gradual effect, but it helped my husband suddenly and immediately in some way. well! To him, I am the woman he wants. To me, he is the best man in the world!
  • Христо
    When I ordered Urotrin, I thought I would be stupid again. But those fools are those who scold drugs without trying. I tried it and I was very satisfied. I am 57 years old this year. I have not gotten sick at all, but suddenly started to feel the burning sensation in the urethra diminished. This is a common infection. As we age, the body will resist this infection. I drank Ulutrin and everything is fine.
  • Елена
    In my life, the sex life between me and my husband has become very rare: if we can seduce, once a month, sometimes twice. I searched a bit and chose a drug that would help both of us and would not harm anyone. Why not try and how much money was wasted? Only Urotrin really helped. The husband frowned, but he was drinking. I follow, not just because of sex. Health is the most precious thing!
  • Георги
    I bought the first box of Urotrin powder at the insistence of the doctor. I decided to order the second and third by myself. I will never believe that two small pieces of ground vegetation every day can make life better. After a month of training, the sky is blue and the women are more beautiful. Just like 40 years ago, I want to play football with the boys. Good medicine!
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