Prostatitis exercise: gymnastics for the treatment and prevention of the disease

Men with an inflamed prostate receive medication combined with a physical therapy program. Physical exercise for prostatitis is also useful. Regular exercise has a positive effect on a person's general condition. They enable you to cope with the factors that contribute to the development of this disease. Particularly useful are therapeutic exercises for stagnant processes in the small pelvis, which aggravate the condition of patients with prostatitis.

The benefits of exercise for the prostate

man doing prostatitis exercise

All courses must be conducted systematically and cannot be skipped.

Everyone at risk should do exercise to prevent and treat prostatitis. Men should take their doctor's recommendation to start exercising seriously, as their success in recovery and the achievement of long-term remission depend on it.

Moderate physical exercise in patients with chronic prostatitis has a positive effect on men's health. They improve blood circulation and strengthen the pelvic muscles. Additionally, regular exercise can improve the tone of the entire body. Therefore, he has the ability to combat the pathological processes of internal organs and systems.

The most useful exercises for patients with prostatitis are jumping, squats, and running. Abdominal muscle training is equally effective. The complex developed by Bubnovsky was particularly popular. Their actions are designed to mobilize the power of the human body.

Don't expect immediate results from exercise. It appears gradually. To get the health-improving benefits from exercise, you should practice regularly.

Not all patients know when is the best time to exercise to treat and prevent prostatitis. They do not understand in what form this treatment is acceptable and safe. They can always hear answers to this and other interesting questions from their attending physicians. Many experts believe that different exercises are best done early in the disease or after worsening inflammation has subsided. This is the best time for adjuvant therapy.

Gymnastics for prostatitis complements treatment with drugs and physiotherapy. In this case, the effect against prostate inflammation increases several times. If these measures are taken at the very beginning of the disease progression, exercise combined with other treatment options can lead to a full recovery. If a person starts exercising in the final stages of the pathology, training will help him reduce the severity of pain symptoms.

Exercise for chronic prostatitis is very beneficial for men. But we must remember that many of them have contraindications to this treatment. It is for this reason that patients with this diagnosis are advised to start exercising only with the permission of their attending physician.

type of exercise

There are many types of exercise that can be shown to men with prostate inflammation. Thus, each patient has the opportunity to choose the direction of movement that most appeals to him.

Undoubtedly, the patient must discuss with the attending physician the possibility of participating in some type of training that he prefers. It is not advisable to fix this on your own, as incorrect behavior can lead to worsening prostatitis and overall health.

Exercise therapy is recommended for most patients with prostatitis. Therapeutic exercise is suitable for many people and what are its main advantages.

Physical Complex (LFK)

Exercise for Prostatitis

You should find out if they have any contraindications before starting the practice.

Every man who has been treated for prostatitis needs physical education. The patient is given a set of exercises to strengthen certain muscle groups in the problem area. Most of a person's training is on their back or on their back.

Exercise therapy may include the following exercises, which are especially helpful for chronic prostatitis:

  • It is necessary to reduce and multiply the legs. They can be held straight during the workout, or slightly bent at the knee. When bred with lower limbs, pull it to the floor with your hands and keep it close. Complete 10-15 repetitions for each of the two methods;
  • You need to sit on your back and straighten your lower body. They are then bent and pulled to the chest. This action should be repeated exactly 4 times. do several methods;
  • In a supine position, you need to lift your legs a few centimeters off the ground. At this point, lift your torso with your elbows. When exercising for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis, the lower limbs should be reduced. Repeat these steps 10 times. You need to do 2-3 methods;
  • Ask the lower body to elevate with the pelvis at right angles to the ground. At this point the lower back should be supported by both hands. In this position, you need to linger for a few seconds. This action is repeated 5 times;
  • In the prone position, you need to lift the straight leg about 5-10 cm off the ground. In this position, they need to be fixed for a few seconds. After lowering the legs to the floor. This exercise should be repeated 5-7 times.

This exercise can be done at home. It is also used in medical institutions.


yoga practice for prostatitis

During the practice, you need to give your full attention to their implementation.

There is a good difference between yoga and prostatitis. Often, patients are offered a set of hatha yoga, which even beginners can do.

Doctors have repeatedly pointed out that yoga for prostatitis can strengthen the body's defenses and help improve the effectiveness of drug treatment. The most useful for prostatitis are inversions and abdominal muscle manipulations.

As mentioned earlier, the handstand pose is most useful for men with prostatitis. There is a logical explanation for this. During such exercises, the venous plexus of the inflamed organ is unloaded. Thanks to this, the problem of the stagnant process leading to the chronic course of the disease was quickly resolved.

During yoga classes, patients should carefully monitor their general health. Due to its severe deterioration, it is recommended to abandon the training. Often, discomfort during yoga is associated with increased pressure in the chest and abdomen.

Patients can take yoga classes or watch video workouts. If practiced correctly, after a period of time, he will be able to achieve the following results:

  1. Normalize the work of nerve endings.
  2. The function of the internal organs located in the pelvic region is improved.
  3. The process of filling the prostate with blood returns to normal.

Yoga practice to prevent prostatitis of course includes the following asanas:

  • "triangle". You need to keep your back as straight as possible. The legs are in a wide position. Grab your left foot with your palm and place your face on the nearest knee. In this position, you need to stand for about 15 seconds. Next, use the right limb to operate;
  • "closed loop". It is necessary to lie on the ground and lift the upper body. The legs are up too. They need to grab the ankle with the palm of their hand. In this position, the person should remain for the next 30 seconds;
  • "eagle". Must stand on half bent right limb. At this point, the left side needs to be thrown over the right calf and thigh. In this position, the person remains for 60 seconds. Then you need to switch legs.

It is highly recommended to practice yoga with a trainer. This is especially true for men who haven't had to perform asanas before. The help of experts will allow them to avoid serious mistakes in the classroom.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises for prostatitis

If you have questions about how to do this complex operation, you can watch a video on the Internet.

Kegel exercises have a therapeutic effect on chronic prostatitis. They are designed for women with severely stretched hip muscles during labor. This complex makes them more confident. Gradually, he changed. Now, this practice can be performed not only by women, but also by representatives of stronger genders. Today, men with prostatitis or prostate adenomas actively engage in such training.

Urologists have repeatedly pointed out that prostatitis patients who regularly perform Kegel exercises have seen significant improvements. Thanks to this training, muscle tone increases and blood circulation to the pelvis normalizes. The complex also has a positive effect on potency.

Kegel exercises for chronic prostatitis can be done like this:

  • You need to squeeze the pubococcygeus muscle. After that, the man should hold his breath and squeeze hard. Hold your breath again and repeat. It is necessary to feel this state for a few seconds. After that, you can exhale and relax completely. The exercise must be repeated 10 times;
  • It is necessary to spread the legs shoulder-width apart and contract the pubococcygeus muscles. The muscles of the anus must also be involved in this process. In this position, it is best to hold on for the longest time. Do 2-5 workouts 10 times a day;
  • You need to lie on your back. The legs should be in a position where the knees are bent. In this position, you should compress the same muscles as you did before. You can do this an unlimited number of times per day.

A person does not always know the position of the pubococcygeus muscle, which should be tightened during Kegel exercises. You can find it in the following ways. The next time you go to the toilet, it is necessary to stop the spray suddenly. The muscles that are tense at the moment are the ideal muscles.

gymnastics and exercises

Prostatitis Squats

Squats can be performed with or without light weights.

The male body often suffers from the process of congestion in the pelvic area. They also lead to the development of prostatitis and other diseases. Regular gymnastics can solve this problem. It is also recommended for the treatment of prostatitis.

To treat and prevent prostate inflammation, men should engage in daily exercise. It only takes 10-15 minutes of free time. In return, one gains a surge of strength and energy, which is enough to last him the entire working day. Additionally, simple exercise can prevent fluid buildup in the pelvis, which is important for men's health.

Therapeutic gymnastics can help treat prostatitis and include the following exercises:

  • Lie on your back with one hand on your chest. The other upper limb is placed on the abdomen. It should be raised when inhaling and lowered when exhaling. It is best to repeat this action at least 6 times;
  • It is necessary to sit down and stretch your hands as far as possible to the fingertips of your lower extremities. practice 8 times;
  • Lie on your back and bend your knees. First, the lower body must walk to the right. Then repeat the same action only on the left side;
  • In the supine position, ask to elevate the pelvis as high as possible. This action is performed 8 times;
  • You need to lean back in the chair, stand on tiptoe, take a deep breath, and try to sit down. At the moment of descent, you need to exhale;
  • Prostatitis needs to do squats. When lowering the pelvis, it is best to pull it back as far as possible. Therefore, good tension can be obtained for the musculature belonging to the pelvic floor;
  • It is necessary to make several turns in different directions.

Prostatitis recharge, like therapeutic exercise, can be replenished by walking in place. The practice takes about 2-3 minutes. The approach can be repeated when the pulse returns to normal.

Charge and complex are designed to improve the function of the genitourinary system and its organs that may be affected by inflammatory processes. Physical exercise is very useful for prostatitis and prostate adenomas because they can clear up congestion in a short period of time and prevent it from recurring.


Many patients use qigong to treat prostatitis. This is a unique practice that is very popular in the East. Its action is designed to maximize muscle relaxation and improve human concentration. In addition to this, the blood circulation process is also improved and the congestion in the body is eliminated. After the training, the men improved their psycho-emotional state, which is another advantage of it.

This practice can be practiced by people of all ages and of any physical ability. Such is the versatility of the complex.

Contraindications and Precautions

Hypertension as a contraindication to prostatitis exercise

Therapeutic exercise is not recommended for people with high blood pressure.

Gymnastics for prostatitis, like any set of exercises, is not only useful but also harmful to health. Therefore, before starting training, you need to make sure that you have no contraindications to this type of treatment. A doctor's examination and hardware diagnostics will help find out.

Your decision to start certain exercises, even if they are the best and safest, must be discussed with your doctor. With him, it is better to choose a set of training.

For men with elevated body temperature, it is necessary to refuse any physical activity. It indicates the presence of an acute inflammatory process in the body and strictly prohibits training.

With caution, exercise should be performed by men diagnosed with hip injuries. Such training can significantly aggravate their condition. Contraindications also include hypertension and osteochondrosis.

Most physical activity should not be performed by people with prostatitis who are undergoing surgery or have serious medical conditions. You need to wait until your body has gained enough strength to perform this type of activity.