Alternative therapies for prostatitis

Treatment of prostatitis should be started in the early stages of gland inflammation. Only then will there be a good opportunity to deal with this hidden danger. In addition, home remedies for prostatitis are also very effective.

Prostatitis makes men unhappy in sex

Prostatitis is a disease that combines inflammatory lesions of the male organs (prostate). This disease not only affects residents in large urban areas, industrial centers, but also rural settlements.

The main reason for the onset and development of prostatitis:

  • Erectile dysfunction and other sexual activities;
  • Lack of confidence in sexual performance due to psychological and physical trauma;
  • Weaken the body's defense system and reduce immunity;
  • Insufficient blood circulation in pelvic organs;
  • The destruction of hormones in the male body is related to the decrease in testosterone levels, which has a negative impact on performance;
  • An inactive sedentary lifestyle;
  • Bad habits-tobacco, alcohol, drugs;
  • Overweight and obesity;
  • Infectious sexually transmitted diseases are spread through sexual contact.

Prostatitis is often accompanied by vesiculitis, urethritis, and benign prostatic hyperplasia (adenoma). First of all, everyone should know that prostatitis is a fatal disease. For example, it kills approximately 5 million patients worldwide each year.

Types of prostatitis

Prostatitis is divided into two types according to the cause (cause and condition of occurrence). And each is subdivided into subspecies:

  • Infectious inflammation of the prostate;
  • Congestive or congestive inflammation (pipe haemorrhage).

First of all, prostatitis is very dangerous because it has no worsening and symptoms for a long time. However, if you start to get sick, it will make you feel yourself. First, it manifests as pain in the scrotum. Second, it began to pull the lower abdomen. Third, people often want to go to the toilet in a small area. The treatment of prostatitis depends on a variety of causes. On the one hand, it depends on the type of prostatitis, on the other hand, it depends on the severity of the course of the disease.

In addition to drug treatment methods, there are also traditional drugs used to prevent and treat the disease.

Home remedies for prostatitis-herbal medicine

First, you need to remember that many herbs are poisonous. Most importantly, they must be applied carefully, meaningfully, and accurately. This is why medical supervision is required. On the other hand, treating prostatitis with home remedies will get rid of the disease faster. Herbal medicine is considered one of the most effective methods. This type of treatment uses medicinal plants.

Collect the infusion in the dried plant material

Collect liquid from dried plant material


Take one teaspoon at a time:

  • camp root;
  • Calendula;
  • St. John’s Wort Juice;
  • Marigold flower;
  • Horseradish;
  • Lemon Balm;
  • Celandine Herb;
  • Juniper berries;
  • Plantain leaves
  • Poplar and eucalyptus.

Next, the process is as follows:

  1. Mix the composition thoroughly, then grind it several times in a coffee grinder or blender.
  2. Sieved through a coarse filter.
  3. Pour the mixture into a dark glass dish and pour hot vegetable oil (sunflower or olive oil).
  4. Seal the cork and cover it with a thick cloth.
  5. Place in a dark, warm place for 40 days.
  6. Filter through 2-3 layers of cheesecloth.

Next is the most important step:

  • Pour the infusion back into the glass container.
  • Then add 5 grams of propolis, 20 grams of dried mint, and 5 grams of flower bee bread.
  • Seal the dishes again and put them in the same place for another 20 days.
  • After this period, filter the oil.

Drink one teaspoon 30 minutes before three meals a day.

Coriander seed injection

  1. Grind four teaspoons with a blender or coffee grinder, pour them into a small cup, and pour a cup of boiling water. Place in a water bath for 15 minutes. Cool to room temperature. strain. Sip the broth during the day.
  2. Soak a teaspoon of seeds in a glass of cold water for 10 hours. 40 minutes before meals, drink one third of three cups a day.

Prostate hydro massage

Prostate hydromassage at home

It is completely feasible to use this effective and simple method to treat the prostate at home. But for this, you need to prepare:

  1. A clean enema for one and a half to two hours will flush and help empty the bowel.
  2. 15 minutes later, use a syringe to pour 350-400 ml of liquid into the rectum through the anus. Infusion. Prepared as follows from pharmacy chamomile. Pour two tablespoons of herbal powder into 400 ml of boiling water. Stir well and cool to room temperature. The amount depends on the willingness to sit on the toilet. Out of a strong desire, the volume of fluid decreases, while the volume without fluid increases.
  3. The infusion should be placed in the rectum for half an hour or longer.
  4. Execute once every 12 days, and then rest for two to three months. Then repeat the course for twelve days.

Prostatitis can be treated by the following methods:

  • The blood supply of the pelvic organs;
  • Muscle tension of the prostate;
  • Secretions flow from the prostate.
  • The use of this powerful method is prohibited:

    • When there is a cancerous tumor in the prostate or rectum;
    • There are also hemorrhoid cones;
    • During the exacerbation of chronic prostatitis.

    In addition, hydrotherapy massage has been recognized as an auxiliary treatment for prostatitis. First, when using drugs. Second, when doing physical therapy exercises.

    Physical therapy treatment of prostatitis

    First of all, this method is absolutely suitable for everyone, just walk 2-3 steps along the stairs. This not only improves the outflow of prostate secretions, but also reduces muscle tension. By the way, the exercise time is adjusted by the patient, and the health status must be considered.

    Physiotherapy for prostatitis

    Physical therapy is exercise therapy to treat prostatitis

    There are also many fitness videos on the Internet:

    • Breathe correctly;
    • Muscle relaxation technique;
    • Yoga system.

    These exercises are not only aimed at improving blood circulation, but also aimed at releasing all body functions.

    In addition, physical therapy includes the following methods to treat prostatitis:

    • The combination of sports and healthy eating;
    • Fasting, various cleaning procedures can help remove toxins from the body;
    • Application of physical procedures: massage with hands, fingertips, heated stones, manual therapy;
    • Use homeopathy;
    • Water treatment through massage SPA procedures, steam room, swimming in ice cave in winter;
    • Participate in psychological training and other types of psychological corrections.

    Comprehensive treatment of prostatitis helps to eliminate it as soon as possible. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, no disease can overcome you!