Prostatitis treatment instrument

The consequences of male prostatitis are insidious. Therefore, timely treatment of the disease is very important, which will prevent it from turning into a chronic form and prevent negative consequences, including erectile dysfunction and difficulty in fertilization.

Device for treating prostatitis

Treatment effect characteristics

For the treatment of prostatitis and adenoma, there are special physiotherapy drugs. They have a positive effect on the body, eliminate advanced forms of disease, prevent the deterioration of chronic pathology, and prolong the remission period. Nowadays, equipment for prostatitis and prostate adenoma is widely used, which can be used in specialist clinics as well as at home. According to many patients who have tried the effects of such devices, after the first use, they feel relieved and the clinical manifestations such as swelling are reduced.

In order for the device to produce the desired effect, the attending physician must select them based on the diagnosis made and the patient's condition, the severity of the symptoms, and the neglect of the disease.

Each device has instructions for use, which explain certain contraindications:

  • For acute inflammatory processes or deterioration of chronic diseases, physical therapy procedures are not allowed. Such meetings are only held after the acute inflammatory process has ceased;
  • With the development of prostate tuberculosis;
  • If a tumor-like process is diagnosed in the reproductive system organs or rectal area;
  • If you have acute hemorrhoids.

Each device for treating prostatitis has its own characteristics.

Application of vibro-acoustic device

They are suitable for home treatment of prostatitis. Thereafter, the severity of the inflammatory process is significantly reduced. What are the characteristics of treatment?

These medical devices affect the prostate by being exposed to sound frequencies, and they change and activate micro-vibrations. This vibrational flow helps to reduce the muscle tension of the prostate tissue, eliminate congestion, and increase the microcirculation of blood and lymph in the inflamed organs.

Treatment of prostatitis with instruments

The main purpose of these devices is to reduce the resistance of the blood vessel wall to blood flow, relax the muscles of the organs, activate the blood supply of the microcapillaries, and the outflow of lymph. With these devices, the feeling of pain is eliminated, and even after several operations, the attending doctor will notice this effect. After several courses of treatment, the treatment effect will appear quickly. With such equipment, treatment can be carried out in the physical therapy room on the basis of outpatients.

Vibro-acoustic devices perform well in the treatment of pathological processes in urinary system organs. The treatment can achieve fast results in a short time.

Use magnetic devices

In order to heal the pathological process, it is also recommended to use magnetic waves. With the help of these devices, the treatment becomes more effective. The role of these devices is to provide small size pulses. Illnesses can be treated in special clinics or at home. With the help of the device, it can eliminate the chronic origin of inflammation, reduce the severity of pain, and improve the function of the gonads.

The vacuum magnetic device has anti-edema and anti-inflammatory effects and helps to relieve pain syndromes.

These devices help activate natural processes in the human body, help restore the normal microcirculation of blood in the pelvic organs, increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls and improve cell-level metabolism. These devices can also eliminate congestion, thereby reducing the severity of the inflammatory process. According to the comments of many patients who have experienced the effects of the device on themselves, their condition has eased after three courses of treatment.

The device is also used for the treatment of chronic gonadal tissue inflammation, bacterial prostatitis and other diseases. After use, it improves the microcirculation of blood and lymph fluid and eliminates stasis.

Application of electronic medical equipment

Their influence is carried out using electrical pulses. Rectal administration. The device promotes blood circulation and stagnant fluid outflow, and is particularly effective in treating pathologies of chronic origin. They also activate the rapid regeneration of damaged structures and tissues.

These devices activate metabolism at the cellular level and increase the rate of recovery of affected structures. This treatment cannot be performed in an outpatient clinic, only under the supervision of a doctor. If there are implantable or external pacemakers, patients with impaired heart function are not allowed to use such devices.

There is a device for treating prostatitis, which establishes normal blood circulation in the reproductive system organs and increases the metabolic rate. Due to the increase in blood flow, the reaction is activated to fight the infection process of all organs of the male reproductive system.

A man who treats prostatitis with a machine

These devices also help to eliminate stagnation of lymph and blood.

The consequences of male prostatitis are insidious. Therefore, timely treatment of the disease is very important, which will prevent it from turning into a chronic form and prevent negative consequences, including erectile dysfunction and difficulty in fertilization.

In addition to conservative treatment, the device for treating prostatitis is considered an effective means. The device has a positive effect in the presence of acute and chronic forms of pathological processes, and is used as a preventive agent to prevent the recurrence of the disease.