Effective drugs for treating prostatitis

How to treat male prostatitis with drugs

Inflammation of the prostate is one of the most common male diseases, which develops in young people and adults. Therefore, patients need to know which drugs can treat prostatitis most effectively.

This disease, like other diseases, tends to take several forms, and its treatment depends on the pathological process. The basis of treatment is not to reduce inflammation, but to eliminate the cause.

For example, if prostatitis has an infectious cause, the doctor can determine the location and type of infection through examination and diagnostic studies. After that, antibiotics are usually prescribed. This treatment is called "positive ion therapy".

In addition, it also provides targeted treatments for the inflammation process itself, the elimination of inflammation, and other methods, such as physical therapy. Comprehensive methods can bring the best results.

Now introduce what medicine can treat male prostatitis.

Drugs for treating prostatitis

According to the cause of prostatitis, it can be divided into three types of drugs.

Drugs for treating prostatitis

First of all, these are broad-spectrum antibiotics (tetracycline, penicillin), they can find the focus of infection and effectively eliminate the infection, thereby killing the pathogenic microorganisms. These funds are used for infectious prostatitis.

The second group is alpha blockers. Designed to improve the flow of urine by smoothing the smooth muscles of the prostate and reduce the pressure on the bladder. Often used in combination with antibacterial drugs to enhance its effect.

The third type is hormone preparations (progestins, estrogen and androgens). When the cause of the disease is hormonal imbalance, they can be used for the treatment of non-infectious prostatitis.

Symptomatic treatment drugs

The doctor already knows all the symptoms that the body signals. They are also divided into three major groups. Based on the patient’s concern, the doctor prescribes a certain medicine.

Rectal suppository for prostatitis

This can be frequent and painful urination (urinary system problems), early ejaculation and rectal pain (reproductive system dysfunction), and nervous tension caused by focusing on your problems.

Most of this "area" is painful and helps relieve rectal suppositories. It is worth noting that they have a significant advantage over drug release in the form of tablets and capsules-they should be used as close as possible to the area affected by pain.

If we talk about suppositories, then they can also be used as drugs for the treatment of male prostatitis. For example, suppositories with propolis can not only relieve pain, but also relieve inflammation.

Other drugs for treating prostatitis

Doctors choose drugs for chronic prostatitis according to the form of the disease. For example, if the cause is bacteria, it means antibiotics.

Drugs for treating prostatitis

Basically, all drugs have a positive effect on the prostate, normalizing its function, reducing inflammation, pain syndrome, and increasing effectiveness.

Israeli medicines deserve special attention. In this country, drugs are really effective, and drugs can bring amazing effects.

It is recommended to receive a comprehensive treatment for 9 weeks, after which it has improved significantly.

Important features of prostatitis treatment

It is not recommended to use all of the above drugs without consulting a urologist:

  1. First, unexplained causes may lead to the development of more serious diseases of organs and systems.
  2. Secondly, taking only one drug cannot have a positive effect in this pathology.
  3. Third, this treatment may be expensive and time-consuming, but it is useless.

The important thing is to choose the right treatment and implement it in a complex way, using multiple methods at once. Lifestyle plays an important role in this issue, especially: nutrition, physical activity and sex.

Combining treatment with physical therapy procedures can also help patients recover quickly and eliminate the symptoms of this malignant disease, which has a very complicated development process.