Chronic prostatitis-the most effective treatment

When chronic prostatitis is diagnosed, the treatment is determined by the doctor. This disease is very common along with prostate adenoma and is a very serious problem for men's health. Due to chronic prostatitis, the quality of intimate life is significantly reduced, which brings great inconvenience.

This disease is an emerging inflammatory process in prostate tissue. But not everyone is eager to turn to experts for help, so this disease is severely triggered, and the consequences in each case are not always clear.

Prostatitis usually causes infertility and develops into an infection. This infection quickly spreads to other internal organs, especially the bladder, testes and kidneys.

Causes and symptoms of diseases

Effective treatment of chronic prostatitis

Researchers have proven that the incidence of prostatitis among young people is increasing. This is mainly due to infections caused by sexually transmitted infections, such as mycoplasma, gonorrhea, and ureaplasmosis. In the case of unprotected sexual intercourse, infection with various diseases and untimely treatment will inevitably lead to the development of this disease.

An interesting fact is that this disease may also occur due to the presence of internal chronic diseases and even dental caries. In this case, chronic prostatitis develops due to infections transmitted through blood sources, otherwise this route can be referred to as infections transmitted through blood in the body.

Even some mediocre factors, such as unbalanced diet, weak immunity, too frequent colds, and men's use of drugs that negatively affect the protective function, can also play a role.

Overweight, inconvenience and even constipation can affect the inhibition of blood circulation in the pelvis, which may cause prostatitis.

In the acute form, men’s prostatitis manifests as:

  • Urinating frequently;
  • The characteristic sensation of poor bladder emptying when urinating;
  • Pain in the rectal area during bowel movements;
  • Various pains in the groin and behind the pubic bone, more intense after urination;
  • The temperature often rises.

Chronic prostatitis is not too serious:

Signs and symptoms of chronic prostatitis
  • Frequent urination will not cause any special inconvenience to a man. As time goes by, he will gradually adapt.
  • Unexpressed pain in the pelvis and perineum;
  • Yang suddenly broke out.

Diagnose prostatitis

Once a person finds manifestations of this disease, they should immediately contact a urologist, because early and timely treatment is likely to lead to recovery.

After the patient is treated, the urologist uses the following methods to diagnose:

  1. Penetrate the glands through the rectum to palpate the glands. For men, this process is a very unpleasant process, but it is necessary because it will allow experts to determine the size, density and structure of the prostate.
  2. Instrumental methods, including MRI and ultrasound. The latter method aims to determine the pathology of the prostate, kidneys and internal organs. In this case, ultrasound can be done through the abdominal wall or through the rectum.
  3. A laboratory method that can be a general clinical method or a special method. The first option includes blood and urine tests.

The second option includes:

  • Using PCR technology, the infection can be detected. To do this, you need to wipe a swab from the urethra.
  • Smear for bacterial culture;
  • PSA analysis;
  • Use
  • prostate secretions for microscopic examination.


Drug treatment of chronic prostatitis

Prostatitis can be treated with the following techniques:

  1. According to the doctor's prescription, men need to take symptomatic drugs that can relieve the patient's condition.
  2. After proper research, the most effective targeted antibacterial agent has been formulated.
  3. Immunotherapy drugs.
  4. Anti-inflammatory drugs.
  5. After the acute phase is over, the patient should use prostate massage for physical therapy.
  6. Stimulate non-specific resistance.
  7. Use tranquilizers.
  8. One of the most important treatments is to change a person's unhealthy lifestyle, especially if he is sedentary and eating unhealthy. The most effective method is to walk in fresh air and perform specific gymnastics exercises, the purpose is to improve blood circulation in the pelvic area.

In the case of chronic prostatitis, experts may prescribe slightly different treatments, combining them into a series of measures aimed at quickly recovering the patient. Of course, you should not ignore the prescribed vitamin preparations and herbs.

When a urologist prescribes antibiotics, he must first instruct him through laboratory tests, which indicate which bacteria he should be exposed to. The most popular are macrolide drugs, 5-NOK and similar drugs, which are designed to treat the disease, especially in the acute phase.

Treatment options for chronic prostatitis

In some cases, surgery is indicated as a treatment for chronic prostatitis, which is mainly used in the chronic stage of prostate adenoma or urethral stricture.

For physical therapy, a specialist may prescribe:

  • Laser therapy;
  • Sonography; diaphnamophoresis;
  • Microwave congestion.

Effective treatment of chronic prostatitis is a complex measure not only aimed at alleviating the patient’s condition, but also aimed at preventing the possibility of complications.

For men with chronic prostatitis, the treatment in this case should not interfere with normal sexual intercourse under any circumstances, but in this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of the partner.

Everyone must know that chronic form of prostatitis is a precancerous disease, and neglect and fear of prescription procedures can lead to adenomas and even the development of prostate cancer.