How and how to treat male prostatitis at home

Effective treatment of male prostatitis

Prostatitis is characterized by an acute or chronic inflammatory process of glandular tissue. Violations occur in the context of stagnation and minimal trauma, infectious lesions, and entry of pathogenic microorganisms into the urethra.

The treatment of male prostatitis at home must be carried out under the strict supervision of the attending doctor. Treatment of chronic inflammation may take several months. During this period, a man attends physical therapy in the hospital and receives medication prescribed by a urologist.

The independent efforts of patients and their desire to get rid of the disease play an important role in recovery. After treatment at home, the disease should be prevented to prevent its recurrence.

Principles of family treatment of prostatitis

In order to cope with prostatitis, a complex treatment process is prescribed, including: taking medication, performing physical therapy and performing exercise therapy. During treatment, the urologist will adjust the intake of medications.

The treatment period ranges from a few weeks to 2-3 months. All along, the man will not be able to stay in the hospital. Hospitalization is required only for acute and infectious prostatitis. In most cases, the patient will seek medical attention in an outpatient clinic, where the fight against inflammation continues.

Basic urology guidelines and restrictions have been developed:

  • The family diagnosis cannot be performed. In order to distinguish the disease, you will need to pass some clinical and biochemical tests. The symptoms of prostatitis, adenoma, and several diseases of the genitourinary system are general, so without a thorough examination of the body, the pathology cannot be determined.
  • The urologist will prescribe comprehensive treatment and prevention of prostatitis at home. Taking into account the existence of contraindications and allergic reactions, doctors will choose the most effective drugs. The attending physician decides how to cure prostatitis at home. Throughout the course of treatment, a man must see a urologist at least once a week.
  • The treatment of acute and infectious prostatitis begins with the patient's mandatory hospitalization. At home, treatment starts only when the condition gets worse.
  • Self-treatment of chronic prostatitis is ineffective and even dangerous. As statistics show, patients usually only need to take antispasmodics and analgesics to eliminate the pain syndrome. But the absence of symptoms does not mean that the disease has passed. The inflammation persists and becomes chronic.
  • Compared with acute and infectious inflammation, latent bacterial prostatitis does not always require hospitalization. The man was treated for prostatitis in detail at home. During the weekly check-up, the urologist will monitor the treatment results and adjust the medication intake.

The fastest treatment method is the traditional method, which combines medicine, physical therapy and other procedures. It is impossible to completely abandon official medicine.

The technology used at home is designed to consolidate the therapeutic effect, prevent disease and prevent recurrence.

Home remedies for prostatitis

Prostatitis is difficult to treat and is characterized by recurrence. After obtaining stable remission (the result of taking a certain drug), men need to stay healthy and avoid everything that may cause relapse.

Treating prostatitis at home does not mean giving up mainstream medicine. On the contrary, it is an auxiliary measure to fight disease and an effective preventive measure.

A person with prostate dysfunction needs to have a good understanding of how to act in the event of health deterioration, what to avoid, and vice versa, what to do to prevent primary inflammation or its recurrence.

How to relieve the pain caused by family attacks

How to treat prostatitis with drugs

As mentioned earlier, the urologist treats prostatitis and prescribes all necessary medications and procedures. However, everyone should know how to provide emergency care during prostatitis: relief of acute pain syndrome and improvement of urination.

Use painkillers and rectal suppositories:

  • Pills-You can take several painkillers to relieve the worsening of prostatitis. Eliminate inflammation and relieve pain syndrome non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If it is difficult to fall asleep due to discomfort, special medicines prescribed by experts can be added to the intake of painkillers.
  • Microcapsules and suppositories-Preparations based on anti-inflammatory drugs are used as first aid. Rectal suppositories with urine retention function used at home can relieve pain well.

Make sure to rest completely during the attack. The man should lie on the bed and try to relax.

There is also a warning-taking NSAID drugs can alleviate the symptoms of inflammation, but not the disease itself. Usually, after the patient is relieved, there is no rush to see a doctor. At this point, internal turmoil has become a global factor and a long-term factor.

Family Medical

Pain medicines and medications are only allowed after going to the urologist. Long-term use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce the symptoms of the disease and make the differentiation of inflammation more complicated.

A course of antibiotics was prescribed for bacterial prostatitis. It usually takes a combination of several drugs to fight the infection. In any case, the medicine is not for personal use. The choice of drugs is the task of the urologist. It depends on how seriously the patient will follow the advice.

When taking antibiotics, it is important to complete the entire treatment process. It takes 3-4 days for symptom relief and relief. It takes 7-10 days to take antibiotics. In severe cases, the period will be extended to two weeks.

If you stop taking drugs to treat prostatitis early, it can cause the appearance of bacteria that are resistant to the effects of the drugs.

Physical therapy at home

Modern treatments for prostatitis do not include monotherapy. In the fight against disease, a comprehensive approach is adopted: the intake of drugs is combined with physical therapy procedures and exercise therapy.

A variety of medical devices have been developed to treat and prevent prostatitis at home. The most popular devices have the following operating principles:

  • Magnetic Therapy-A feature of the work, it is the use of frequency-varying magnetic fields. Magnetic therapy can activate metabolic processes, eliminate edema and eliminate stagnation.
  • Ultrasound therapy-In the case of dysuria, it can reduce pain and relieve the patient's condition. Under the action of ultrasound, the tissue is heated, which leads to relaxation of muscle tension and reduction of inflammation.

The use of medical equipment for physical therapy is only allowed when the disease has not resolved. If you suspect purulent and bacterial prostatitis, you can only get physical therapy after a course of antibiotics.

Another effective way to improve gland function is warm-up or hyperthermia. At home, for this purpose, in addition to herbal soup and sea salt, you can also take a hot bath.

A good precaution is to contrast showers. In order to pour out, do not use cold spring or the opposite hot water. The best temperature is 20-38°.

Prostate massage at home

Good treatment measures for congestive prostatitis. Massage is necessary to prevent infectious inflammation. Patients who are diagnosed with prostatitis need to see a urologist at least every 6 months. During the meeting, perform rectal finger massage.

For prevention purposes, gland massage can be performed independently. In order to reduce embarrassment, the process is performed by women who have frequent sexual partners.

Massage the prostate-eliminate congestion and increase blood flow. During the massage, the woman sits next to the man and inserts her fingers into the anus, palm to the pubic bone. Radical movements are not included. Allow the fabric to be stroked.

If you feel discomfort, cuts and prolonged pain after massage, you should consult a doctor.

Exercise use

Exercise to treat prostatitis

The catalyst of prostate inflammation-stagnation of blood and semen in the pelvic area. Men who are inactive, work in the office and who are overweight are at risk for prostatitis.

Exercise can significantly improve your health. Urologists recommend choosing exercises for exercise to avoid exerting power on the pelvic area. Applies to:

  • Yoga.
  • Qigong.
  • Kegel gymnastics.
  • Running and walking.
  • Cycling or fitness equipment.
  • Horse riding.

Kegel gymnastics is worth mentioning. In addition to beneficial effects on prostate function, regular exercise can also restore strength and improve the quality of sexual life.

Do not exert excessive pressure on your body when exercising at home. You should start with brief physical activities. As the body gets used to it, the burden increases.

The attending physician will make recommendations for choosing exercises suitable for the patient.

The best home treatment for prostatitis includes all of the above: medicine, physical therapy, exercise and prostate massage. Comprehensive methods can speed up the recovery of patients and help achieve stable remission of the disease.

Prevent prostatitis at home

Prostate inflammation is characterized by a prolonged course of recurrence. The most effective treatment takes into account the high probability of disease recurrence. After completing the course of medication, the patient will be provided with general urology advice to prevent recurrence of the disease.

Effective prevention includes compliance with the following guidelines:

  • Eating habits-If you refuse foods that cause obesity and destroy the glands, it is much easier to fight prostatitis. Fat, salty and smoked foods are prohibited. Encourage crushing of food. The diet is divided into 5-6 meals a day. Either Mediterranean or Japanese food is acceptable. During the worsening period, they eat according to the treatment table 5.
  • Lifestyle-Engaging in sports, walking in fresh air has a beneficial effect on people's emotional background and helps the normal operation of pelvic organs.
  • Quit bad habits-During the whole process of treating prostatitis at home, please refrain from smoking and drinking. Alcoholic beverages are allowed under special circumstances. If a man intends to drink, it is best to choose a safe dose of cognac or red wine.
  • Regular sex life-Due to sexual abstinence, congestion is caused, creating a prerequisite for prostate inflammation. During orgasm, massage the prostate tissue naturally. As a precaution, you need to have regular sexual intercourse 1-2 times a week.

Home remedies for prostatitis cannot replace the complex treatments provided by mainstream medicine, but are considered to be a good preventive and preventive measure.